Organic for 37 years

For pleasure, for flavour and for the environment!

Even back in 1978, the Biofournil bakery was committed to using natural ingredients and was convinced of their benefits. That’s why we decided to offer our customers “old-fashioned” breads: breads made using organic ingredients.

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Our Breads

It takes 18 hours to bring you a truly unique flavour!

Our breads are made using traditional methods and are baked by our master
bakers, ensuring the highest quality at every stage of the production process.

Your recipes

Add a little bread to your dishes ! Come and discover our recipes !

Discover, cook, taste and share your Biofournil breads recipes!

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Our pastries

Soft pastries for breakfast and snacks!

Rich, authentic and handmade,
our recipes are the result of traditional skills and a passion for baking.

Our biscuits

Traditional biscuits from Pays Nantais (the Nantes region).

A traditional biscuit with an authentic flavour. The perfect snack at any time of day, and even better with a glass of Muscadet.

Taste our biscuits